Top 100 Ring Card Girls grows to 190 plus

Top 100 drop dead gorgeous Ring Card Girls, Models, Show Hostesses, Dancers and Eye Candy associated with the current MMA and Boxing Show presentations.

The following ladies have appeared at or been featured at an MMA event, a Boxing show, or the like. What separates them from other women is their jewel-like looks, the wide, bright eyes, their exquisite shape whether on a delicate frame or the more muscular, from the petite to the majestic, from the soft and dainty to the more intense, from the reflective to the prideful, these are women of unquestionable beauty.


Imagine you’re a judge at this year’s Miss Universe contest and the following beauties are contestants. Any comments on which of the following catch your fancy? If you’re a young lady and you’ve been known to glance over the many glamour magazines, it’s likely you’ve gotten a bit down on yourself. Who are these beauties and how is it possible they can look so good?

If you look down at the bottom of these two photos, there are two attractive ladies in the audience looking up at the ring card girl. Can you guess what they're thinking as they check out the competition? Perhaps the brunette is thinking, 'First thing Monday morning, I'm going    restart my workouts.' The blonde seems more intense, 'Now I know why my husband comes to these shows.'

If I can get you to look down at the bottom of these photos, you’ll see two attractive ladies in the audience looking up at the ring card girl. Imagine what they’re thinking as they check out the competition? At first they were eyeballing their husbands to see their wanton fascination. Other times they would look up with a scowl on their face. The aloof brunette might have been thinking, ‘First thing in the morning, I’m restarting my workouts.’ The blonde seems even more intense, ‘Not once did my man fail to look up at these barbie dolls.’

Research indicates 90% of women are in some way dissatisfied with their appearance. Even though men are in the same boat, they try to give the impression they couldn’t care less. We know all about the men, their fitness and diet regimes but what about the ladies? What about these gorgeous females we see doing the hostess duties at the various shows? It’s a mystery why they’re not on the cover of magazines like Allure, Elle or Cosmo. They’re certainly photogenic enough.

Since these gals are so stunning, for sure they must have some tips to pass on. By celebrating their beauty, perhaps they’ll write something in our comments section.

Questions for these ladies: What sort of preparation goes into that ideal look? What’s your checklist before each show? What does dress to impress mean to you? It would be great if you talked about the stylish hair styles, color ideas – make-up tips – the eye make-up that brightens your eyes – eyeshadow that makes you look mysterious, stunning – the ideal eyebrows – nail color ideas – how do you make your eyelashes so expressive. Which color and brand of lipstick do you prefer? What goes into making that perfect smile? Which exercise regime do you recommend? Collage 16Collage 15Collage 14Collage 13Collage 11 RCGCollage 10Collage 9Collage 8Collage 7Collage 7 aCollage 6a RCGCollage 5 RCGsCollage 4 with sexy blondeCollage 3 RCGCollage 2 RCGCollage 1 RCGPicMonkey Collage 24 PicMonkey Collage22 PicMonkey Collage 21 PicMonkey Collage 20

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