USA Amateur Boxing’s updated schedule for San Diego & Imperial Counties

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Schedule dedicated to local USA Amateur Boxing Association and it’s participating boxers. If there's ever a mistake, we’d appreciate your help in keeping this info error free.

This updated schedule is maintained for our local USA Amateur Boxing Assoc. LBC44 CAL Border or any additional USA sanctioned function. If there is ever a mistake, we’d appreciate your help in keeping this information error-free.



Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weigh-ins: 10 a.m

Location: Crest Event Center, 721 W. Main Street, El Centro, Calif. 92243.                            Further info: Tel: (760) 970-4160


Date: March 03, 2018

Date: March 04 – 10, 2018

2018 Western Elite Qualifier and Regional Open Championships

Location: Albuquerque, United States of America

Date: March 31, 2018

Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tentative: Boxing Show scheduled at the House of Boxing in Paradise Hills, San Diego, Calif.

for more information, you can call: (619) 399-589

or email

Date: April 28 and 29, 2018

Auditorio del Edo en Mexicali, B.C.

MEXICO vs. USA (6th Anniversary) Guerra En La Frontera Auditorio del Edo en Mexicali, B.C. April 20, 21 & 22, 2018 Contact: Raul Lau (760) 497-7829

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018

Date: June 16, 2018

Date: June 24 – 30, 2018

2018 Junior Olympics, Prep Nationals, and Youth Open

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Date: October 07 – 13, 2018

2018 Eastern Elite Qualifier and Regional Open Championships

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Date: December 02 – 08, 2018

2018 Elite and Youth National Championships & Junior and Prep Open

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Standard requirements for boxing gyms hosting a sanctioned USA Amateur Boxing event: As part of the USA Amateur Boxing program and especially for the safety of all boxers, USA Amateur Boxing’s LBC-44 requires an ambulance and medical team to be present at each show.

Coaches are encouraged to set up “pre-matches” by calling the applicable venue’s “Contact person” well in advance of the scheduled bout.

Boxer pairings are set up to service “pre-matches” first, followed by boxers weighing in on a first come, first serve, basis. The later the boxer arrives for his or her weigh-in, the less chance they have of obtaining the bout.

Event planners are asked to allocate 4 hours between the start of the weigh-ins and the start of the first bout. 

Doctors are requested to arrive 1.5 hours prior to the first bout to conduct the weigh-in physicals.

USA Amateur Boxing’s latest rulebook…/usa-boxing-national-rule -book effective date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017






Requirements for USA Amateur boxers:

Two copies of your completed 2017 AIBA Boxing Physical form. All AIBA physicals must be performed by a licensed MD or DO (not a chiropractor, nurse, etc.). Both DOs and MDs complete four years of basic medical education and after medical school, both DOs and MDs can choose to practice in a specialty area of medicine—such as psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics, or sports medicine—after completing a residency program (typically two to six years of additional training).

Both DOs and MDs must pass comparable state licensing examinations. DOs and MDs both practice in fully accredited and licensed hospitals and medical centers. Both are medical doctors; MD is specifically a Doctor of Medicine and DO is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. The differences: DOs can perform surgery, child delivery, treat patients, and prescribe medications in hospitals and clinic settings. DOs look at the “total person.” Osteopathic physicians focus on preventive care. Instead of just treating specific symptoms or illnesses, they look at the whole body. DOs receive extra training in the musculoskeletal system, which is comprised of the nerves, muscles, and bones. This training gives DOs a better understanding of how an injury or illness in one part of the body can affect another part of the body; therefore, DOs have a therapeutic and diagnostic advantage.

DOs use what is called osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). OMT is a technique in which the DOs use their hands to diagnose injury and illness, giving special attention to the joints, bones, muscles, and nerves. Manipulations improve circulation, which in turn, creates a normal nerve and blood supply, enabling the body to heal itself.

Page one of your two completed Physical forms must be stapled to the last page of your passbook. The second completed copy of your Physical form must be given to a member of the Registration Committee. You must use the AIBA Boxing Physical Form available on the USA Boxing website. The new Physical form can be found by going to and clicking on “Rule Book,” then “Forms and Documents,” then “Medical Certificate.”

a Rule 21) The AIBA Boxing physical form (aka Medical Certificate) must be used. Other forms will not be accepted.

(2) On-line registration confirmation printout from the USA Boxing website

(3) Your USA Boxing Passbook if previously registered

(4) If you’re a new boxer, a copy of your birth certificate or valid passport is required, plus you’ll need two photographs, both 1½ inch x 1½ inch photos above the shoulder.

Regarding Club Registration: This can be done online at The Club Administrator will need to register your club. Log-in with your USA Boxing membership and click on the “Renew My Club” icon. If a Boxing Club is not currently registered: their boxers will be listed as “Unattached” for all events (local, regional, and national).
The benefits of registering a club/gym with USA Amateur Boxing include: liability insurance which enables the club to have their shows sanctioned plus it promotes the good name of the club. Any member who gets injured during training inside an unregistered gym or working with an unregistered coach is not covered by USA Boxing’s insurance, even if that member is registered. If you have questions, contact USA Amateur Boxing’s national office: (719) 866-2323.

Online Coaches’ Certification

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, USA Amateur Boxing now has an online process to gain the same level-one certification and re-certification for coaches. There is no fee to take the test. There is no fee to access the educational materials. The live, in-person coaching clinics will continue to be offered for those who wish to receive certification in this manner. Offering online coaches certification is just the first step in trying to meet the needs of the USA Amateur Boxing membership. In the works, they are planning to have online certification for officials plus educational videos for all aspects of the sport.

Using the link below you should be able to access the USA Amateur Boxing Coaches resource page which has instructions on how to proceed.


The American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, Inc. (AAIB), is a 501(c)(4) organization comprised solely of volunteers. Founded in 1969 by Rocky Marciano and Steve Acunto, it provides funding for scholarships to boxers who are high school graduates and have been accepted by a bonafide college. Over the last four years, the AAIB has distributed over $116,000 to boxers so they could continue their higher education. It also provides funds to destitute boxers, publishes and distributes instructional information on the science of boxing and boxing safety.

The need for a scholarship for a boxer is unique. A variety of private, governmental, and institutional sources in this country already provide aid based on academics, financial need, and athletics. Athletes who excel in many sports, such as basketball and football, often receive scholarships due to the college’s support of that particular sport. However, there are very few collegiate boxing programs in this country. Therefore, there is little financial assistance for the stand-out amateur boxer who wants to attend college. So, even though the amateur boxer might excel in his or her craft, a scholarship is virtually unattainable and the boxer is denied financial assistance. Over the years, AAIB has been doing their part to fill this void. 

The AAIB Boxers Assistance Corporation Scholarship is for amateur boxers meeting the following criteria:

1. The applicant must be a current or former amateur boxer in the United States who has been accepted by a bonafide college or university or one who is currently in college. 

2. The students must sign a waiver authorizing the school to release records to be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

3. Individuals are evaluated in the following areas:

 a. Athletics: awards, honors, or achievements in their area of athletics.

 b. Academics: awards, honors, or achievements in the area of academics.

 c. Community involvement: services performed for a charity or other community organization.

 d. Financial need: Necessity for financial assistance is considered.

The website that can further explain this process: You can also go to the following websites to read about the AAIB Board members – – plus some of the Scholarship winners from last year –

Each year, the winners are invited to the AAIB Celebrity Golf Invitational and Awards Dinner plus Sports Auction. They would like the winners to attend their dinner but it is not mandatory. 

Your AAIB contact: boxing historian Henry Hascup, who in the sport of boxing has worn so many hats. On the East Coast, this announcer, Hall of Famer, is known as the Uncrowned King of Sports Information. You can reach him at 1-973-471-2458

LBC 44 CAL Border Registration Committee members are:

Mr. Art Wilson in San Diego. Tel: 619-234-2200 available from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday at ABC Mongoose Boxing Club, 3131 Market St., San Diego, Calif., 92102

Ms. Savannah Valenzuela in the Imperial Valley. Tel: 760-355-9085, email:

Mr. Will White in the North County. Tel: 760 230-1290, email: to make an appointment. All of Mr. White’s registrations take place at Encinitas Boxing and Fitness Gym, 613 Westlake Street, Encinitas, CA.

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