Quinones Promociones Boxing Show, so very close to the inferno

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Imagine you’re coming out of a nightclub on Avenida Revolucion in downtown Tijuana. It’s 1 a.m. and you’ve had a few beers. There’s this massive fire raging on the opposite side of the street and onlookers seem comatose as they watch and wonder if anyone was injured or killed. Most have never witnessed anything like it, at least on this scale.

Unbeknownst to the patrons who were attending the latest Quinones Promociones Boxing Show at Rancho Grande on Avenida Revolucion, there were other matters of concern in Tijuana. Just moments before the start of their show, wildfires erupted and eventually consumed at least 12 homes in the Aguaje de la Tuna neighborhood. Later, just minutes before their show ended, a hotel in the same block as Rancho Grande, just a stone throw away, went up in a blaze. It all happened Thursday evening, January 25, 2018.

The victorious boxers from the final two bouts, Victor Fonseca (left) with his wife, plus Cristian Olivas (right) with his sweetheart were some of the last people to exit Rancho Grande.

Friday morning we see what remains after this tragic fire.

Now we have the major undertaking of switching your attention over to the results on that exciting night of boxing at Rancho Grande. Bout #1 featured super lightweight, 25-year-old Chandler Clements (0-2) BR-GID: 809133, red gloves, from Las Vegas, Nevada who ended up with the victory by virtue of a 2nd round TKO of Guillermo Mendez (0-0) of Tijuana, B. C., Mexico (Mendez had no Global ID since he was making his Pro Debut). Down twice early, it appeared to be just a matter of time before referee Jesus Soto would step in and stop the bout. He did early in round two. 

Prior to the opening bell for round #1, we have Chandler Clements (l) and his opponent Guillermo Mendez (r) receiving last minute instructions from referee Jesus Soto.

After the stoppage, referee Soto raised the arm of the victorious Chandler Clements (r) who improved his record to (1-2, 1 KO).

Prior to the start of Bout #2, Jamey Swanson (left) and Juan Andres Armendariz (right) met in the center of the ring to receive instructions from referee Jesus Soto.

Bout #2 featured super middleweights, 32-year-old Jamey “City Boy” Lamar Swanson (red gloves) record (0-1) BR-GID: 802495 from Las Vegas, Nevada battling Juan Andres “Sky” Armendariz BR-GID: 767462, record (0-14), from Mexicali, B. C., Mexico who is managed by former boxer Roberto Lopez. In round two, after summarily being knocked off his feet twice and then taking a beating in his own corner, referee Soto decided Armendariz had had more than enough for the evening and stopped the bout to award Swanson the TKO victory. Without using his jab, it looks as if Armendariz will continue on the same path.

At the conclusion of Bout #2, we see referee Jesus Soto raising the arm of the victorious “City Boy” Swanson who now improves to (1-1, 1 KO) after the early stoppage victory.

Prior to the start of Bout #3, the combatants, 27-year-old Jose “Mega” Zamora Soto BR-GID: 766123 (7-0, 5 KOs) from Inglewood, Calif. and fellow super featherweight Hector “Chango” Aguilar BR GID 701978 (2-13) from Tijuana meet in the center of the ring for last minute instructions. To the right of Soto is the former, two division world champion Virgil Hill.

Early on Aguilar (l) surprised his opponent and managed to land a few good overhand rights to Soto’s head. After Soto had made his adjustments, Aguilar’s earlier success became history.

You could see Hector Aguilar’s confidence level drop, especially after he had taken several hard shots to the midsection. All told, Soto sent Aguilar to the canvas four times to come away with the fourth-round TKO victory.

After the early stoppage, we see referee Jesus Soto raising the arm of Jose Zamora Soto who now improves to 8-0 with 6 KOs.

After the win, Jose Zamora Soto shared the limelight with his support group which included Cutman4Hire Juan Ramirez (l) from San Diego plus his two coaches from Inglewood, Calif.

Never enough of a good thing! In Bout #4, it was boxing legend Virgil “Quicksilver” Hill, the two division (Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight) World Champion, returning with another of his proteges, welterweight prospect “King Malik” Birdsong. Birdsong (1-0, 1 KO) BR-GID: 810596, 25-years-old and from Los Angeles, Calif., appeared to be extremely confident as he looked across the ring at the shorter opponent, Mario Garcia (0-5-1) BR-GID: 785941, a 22-year-old from Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. Perhaps he already knew that Garcia had already been the victim of three TKOs in six fights. While, Mr. Birdsong, who not only benefits from having Virgil Hill in his corner, also has coach Jamal Abdullah working with him, who happens to be the trainer of heavyweight contender “Prince Charles” Martin, the former IBF World Heavyweight Champ who on April 9, 2016, lost to Anthony Joshua the current Heavyweight Champ. 

Welterweights Malik Birdsong (l) and Mario Garcia (r).

Early on, Mario Garcia went down twice and it appeared he wouldn’t be able to finish out the first round.

With every heavy blow that hit him, you knew the crowd was wondering how much of this punishment could Garcia take. After witnessing the constant pounding of his midsection, it appeared the end could not come quick enough.  

After coming to the realization that Garcia had no intention of giving up, referee Jesus Soto finally decided to call a halt to this obvious, one-sided beatdown.

At the conclusion of his match, Malik Birdsong (c) posed for one last photo with (l to r) Tijuana Boxing official Jose Flores, Virgil Hill and well-known trainer Jamal Abdullah.

In Bout #5 it was super lightweight Pietro Loriga (no BR-GID since he was making his Pro Debut) taking on 31-year-old Elias “Medina” Pacheco, BR-GID: 762900 (0-9, a five-time TKO victim) from Tijuana. This was one of those bouts where you had one side talking offense, while the other was talking about survival. 

Prior to Bout 5, 24-year-old Pietro “El Tiro” Loriga (r) and 31-year-old Elias Pacheco (l) listened to last-minute instructions from referee Alberto Ramos (c).

It didn’t take long before Loriga had Pacheco lying flat on his back after getting hit with a solid left hook that caught him flush on the face to send him flying backward to the canvas. For a considerable time, Pacheco did not move and this is why the physician was summoned immediately.

While Pacheco sat forlornly with his head down, we see Pietro having his arm raised in victory by referee Alberto Ramos.

Bout #6 featured super middleweight Vladimir Belujsky BR-GID: 784790 (1-0-1, 1 KO) of Mitchelstown, County Court, Ireland by way of Slovakia taking on Julio Majors (1-0, 1 KO) from Tijuana. 

(l to r)  Julio Majors of Tijuana and Vladimir Belujsky of Ireland

Round one was one of those fast and furious rounds where you end up sitting there on the stool wondering what had happened.

Julio Majors (l) looks on as the referee raises the arm of the victorious Vladimir Belujsky who improved his record to 2-0-1, 2 KOs).

In Bout #7, it was Irish middleweight, J. J. “Slick” McDonagh (c) out-boxing a local Cristian Aguilar of Tijuana to win a unanimous decision victory.

In Bout #8, they had 36-year-old Super Middleweight Keon “Neon” Johnson BR-GID: 320049 (19-10, 10 KOs) from Indianapolis, Indiana taking on 34-year-old Jose Luis “Toro” Vasquez BR-GID: 612702 (3-19-1, 3 KOs) from Tijuana. After Vasquez clearly took round one, back came Johnson with a fury in round two to secure a second-round stoppage.

Prior to the start of Bout #8, the combatants, Jose Luis “Toro” Vasquez (l) and Keon “Neon” Johnson face off.

After stopping Jose Luis “Toro” Vasquez in round #2, we see Keon Johnson having his arm raised in victory by veteran referee Alberto Ramos.

Bout #9 featured a clash of lightweights. Juan “Pit Bull” Lopez, BR-GID: 811841, a 28-year-old boxer from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico who had a record of (0-3 and was a victim of 2 KOs) going up against Austin Larry “Primetime” Manning from Indianapolis, Indiana who had just recently turned 20-years of age. Manning had 47 USA Amateur bouts under his belt and was now making his Professional Debut. Therefore Mr. Manning was without a BR-GID.

(l to r) Juan “Pit Bull” Lopez and Austin “Primetime” Manning

In this match, you had one guy, Austin “Primetime” Larry Manning who couldn’t miss and another guy, Juan “Pit Bull” Lopez, who rarely if ever hit his target.

After repeatedly being beaten to the punch and having his nose bloodied, Juan Lopez’s corner thought enough of their boxer to climb up on the apron and throw in the towel.

After the stoppage of their bout, it was Austin Larry “Primetime” Manning (r) having his arm raised in victory.

In-between rounds, the venue held a first name only beauty contest that had the male patrons cheering, applauding and of course whistling.

In Bout #10 they had a 26-year-old bantamweight by the name of Parnell Fisher (1-1), BR-GID: 753424 from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada going up against the much smaller, 19-year-old Federico Rodriguez BR-GID: 800725, (0-3) a victim of 3 stoppages. With Thursday’s loss, we can make that four stoppages. Rodriguez got hit in the stomach so hard, it looked as if Fisher had sucked the air out of him. 

The 26, soon to be 27-year-old phenom they call Parnell “El Guero” Fisher is from Las Vegas, Nevada and his pre-fight antics plus the stares he gives an opponent are unique. He beats his opponents with his movement and incredible reach. The much shorter and younger Federico “Fede” Rodriguez, only recently turned 19 on the 30th of December. Being the ideal opponent for Fisher’s chicanery, this bout was over in a hurry after Rodriguez got hit extremely hard in the midsection.

Federico “Fede” Rodriguez (l) showed a lot of courage to face a man of Fisher’s experience, height and reach advantage. El Guero’s punches came at Fede like darts thrown by a madman.

The punch that sent Rodriguez flying backward into the corner ropes landed so hard it virtually took the air out of the tire.

After the explosive knockdown, Rodriguez (l) was unable to continue and up went the arm of the flamboyant Parnel Fisher.

In Bout #11 they featured 32-year-old light heavyweight Pierre Williams (4-0, 3 KOs) BR-GID: 782425 from Escondido, Calif. by way of Chicago, Illinois taking on Ruben “Bubi” Porras (1-27-2), a gentleman from Guanajuato, Jalisco, Mexico, who has been stopped 18 times. Only after some distracting footwork in round three and applying even more defensive elusiveness in round four, did Porras manage to elude Williams’ possible KO blows.

(l to r) Ruben “Bubi” Porras, referee Jesus Soto and the eventual winner Pierre Williams from Escondido, Calif.

Halfway through their match, Mr. Porras took a seat.

Winning by decision was never in doubt as we see Pierre Williams having his arm raised in victory by referee Jesus Soto.

Bout #12 featured the celebrity dancer, 25-year-old Israel “Bumaye” Duffus (15-4, 12 KOs) BR-GID 560448 who is from Los Angeles, Calif. by way of San Miguelito, Panama and his opponent Juan Carlos “Zurdo” Moreno (2-20-2, 1 KO) BR-GID 619556. The videos of Duffus dancing with his wife Gemma Marin are so popular they have gone viral. From the looks of how easily he handled his opponent on Thursday evening, Duffus has the ideal situation of having two options to choose from – either Pro boxing or the entertainment field.

(l to r) Cruiserweights Juan Carlos Moreno and Israel Duffus.

At the close of Bout #12, we see veteran referee Jesus Soto raising the arm of the victorious Israel Duffus who improved his record to 16-4, with 13 KOs.

Going all out in their first show of the year, Quinones Promociones added rap artist El Kabr who performed two of his most requested songs just before the co-main events.

(top) The co-feature of this show, Bout #13, had Victor “Sina” Fonseca going up against the much taller Juan “Aguado” Gonzalez who he eventually sent to the canvas twice. The game Gonzalez was trading blows all night until that final knockdown that put him on his back for good.


The 25-year-old Fonseca from Tijuana (15-8-1, 13 KOs) BR-GID: 588548, came through again by knocking out the 27-year-old Juan Gonzalez (18-9, 11 KOs) BR-GID: 395065 from Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. Even when Fonseca got clubbed by Gonzalez’s best shots, flush on the face, he never wavered and gave back three punches for every one received. To his credit, Gonzalez also took a substantial amount of really hard shots to the head before finally falling to the canvas. It was a classic battle the patrons will never forget.

Bout #14, the other half of the Quinones Promociones’ feature was a middleweight clash between 26-year-old Cristian “Ruso” Olivas of Mexicali, B. C., Mexico and the always tough 30-year-old, 5’11” tall Pavel Miranda BR GID: 261978 (22-11-1, 12 KOs) from Tijuana. As in the Fonseca versus Gonzalez bout, this too went nonstop with powerful blows, most of which landed on the head. But unlike the Fonseca vs. Gonzalez bout, this one continued on for the entire eight rounds with neither side showing any effects from the blows to the most vulnerable spots. In the end, all three judges had Olivas ahead in this ever so close back and forth struggle.

Now, if the promoter can come anywhere close to matching the entertainment value of this show, he’ll be a miracle worker.  

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