December to remember when Grant Hill stops by your gym

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NBA legend Grant Hill has certainly been there and done that. He joined Jason Kidd in 1995 to receive the NBA’s co-rookie of the year award, his one on one clashes with Michael Jordon were memorable, and he later partnered with Jerry West and J. R. Smith in the broadcast booth.

On December 3, 2017, at 9:49 a.m. GM Dana Donahue had the chore of welcoming a special guest to her Encinitas Boxing and Fitness gym. As you might imagine, Dana, who has a reputation for being a fun person was overjoyed to learn that her special guest was none other than NBA legend Grant Hill.

Less we forget, this gentleman was and still is a legend in the world of sports. He’s also very much involved in the arts, especially Black Arts and formed a production company that has co-produced documentary films like “Starting at the Finish Line,” chronicling the life of influential and inspirational Duke Track coach and Professor Al Buehler, plus “Duke 91 & 92: Back to Back” about the 1991 and 1992 back to back Duke national championship teams.

At first, Dana Donahue (l), one of the gym’s boxing coaches approached the rather meek Grant Hill who surprisingly asked, “You got a problem, little Lady?”

Hill decided to have some fun of his own: “What’s up with this meet me in the center of the ring talk? I heard all about your reputation for going extra hard to the midsection. I want you to go easy on me, or lady, I’m out of here.” Dana Donahue: “Ah-hah, so, you want to mix it up. Just like that other wuss, Kobey Bryant. I don’t want to see you crying when we finish our session.”

After getting schooled by Dana Donahue, Grant Hill ended up being a whole lot friendlier. It’s amazing how some fisticuffs can clear the air. Get all that aggression out of someone and then after throwing hands against each other, you suddenly become good friends. As they say, “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.” Do you recall some of the phenomenal duels he had when facing the Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordon? Below is a refresher.

Did you know the neighborhood just south of the 94 freeway and east of Golden Hill, San Diego’s Grant Hill and Grant Hill Park have the most panoramic views of the Coronado Bay Bridge, the San Diego Bay, Petco Park as well as the areas of San Diego’s downtown? Grant Hill, just like Golden Hill, attracts people because of its wonderful and colorful historic homes. We are still researching whether Grant Hill was named after the basketball star.

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