Borizteca Boxing Promotions signs the undefeated Dewayne Beamon

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Just in time for Christmas…all four of the participants in the Dewayne Beamon promotional/managerial contract negotiations are happy campers.

Today, Borizteca Boxing Promotions CEO Saul Rios proudly announced that his organization, now beginning their third year of operation, had reached an exclusive promotional agreement with the 32-year-old undefeated super flyweight Dewayne Beamon (13-0, 10 KOs) who is from Goldsboro, North Carolina but now resides in San Diego, Calif. The practically self-taught Beamon has stated that he’s been traveling around the U.S. on this quest to seek out the right support group to include a top trainer, a top management team and of course the right promotional company who would be able to steer him towards his shot at the world title.

Best in Boxing Dewayne Beamon vs Zenon Venancio from Best in Boxing on Vimeo.

After many interested parties, to include trainer Robert Garcia, promoter Fernando Beltran, etc., plus all the people watching at home had an opportunity to see Dewayne Beamon in action on December 17, Borizteca Boxing’s last show of the year, it was Rios’ pitch that landed Beamon with Borziteca. The tales of Beamon’s early success as an Amateur with a record of 48-2, had this college graduate primed as a top lottery pick. In the end, Beamon decided to go with Borizteca. It is likely that the incentive clauses Borizteca added to Beamon’s three-year contract that had Beamon deciding to stay put in San Diego. The most interesting stipulations are in regards to 1) Borizteca’s pledge to Beamon that they will secure for him a shot at a regional title by June of 2018, and then after winning that Regional Title, it is understood that he will then get a shot at a World Title; all this before his three-year contract runs out at the end of 2020.

Dewayne Beamon didn’t need an assist from a lawyer. He represented himself in the negotiations and read through the cumbersome contract, page after page. “According to paragraph 5, line 2 on page 4, the party of the first part is …

(l to r) Borizteca Boxing Promotions’ CEO Saul Rios, co-manager Christina Carrillo, pugilist Dewayne Beamon and co-manager Gino Mazzanti Esquire.

For a relatively new Promotion company, Borizteca, who has now been in existence for two years, they seem to be doing quite well. All their talk about the Process of Developing Upcoming Talent has been spot on. Perform well, like the 20-year-old Kevin Torres (6-0-1) from Bellingham, Washington, and they’ll either sign you or get someone else to sign you. One such investor, Christina Carrillo, the owner of The Jab Boxing Gym in East Lake plus Team owner of the San Diego Surge Women’s Pro Football Team and CEO of the highly successful SIMNSA Health Plan, has already signed four of Borizteca’s top prospects while Borizteca themselves have Mario “Guero” Ramirez (9-1, 3 KOs) under contract and now Dewayne Beamon will be under contract for three years with Carrillo, Lou Messina, and their lawyer friend, Gino Marchetti, while being promoted by Borizteca Boxing. 

At this time, Borizteca has plans to host a minimum of six shows per year in Tijuana beginning on February 16, 2018, and also return some of their boxing shows to the U. S. side (San Diego) after they find the proper venue.

While Dewayne Beamon (red shirt) was given the royal tour of Christina Carrillo’s gym, The Jab, one of the coaches introduced him to several of the people who had been working out, (l to r) trainer Les Spellman, then you have 2020 Olympic hopeful Omar Craddock (while a student at the University of Florida, Craddock won one indoor and two outdoor NCAA titles in the Triple Jump), next is Beamon, followed by Jeff Henderson who competes in the long jump and 100 meter dash. Henderson was a gold medalist in both the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China as a member of the American 4×400-meter relay. In 2016, Henderson’s jump of 8.38 meters on his final attempt in Brazil was enough to take the gold, the 999th gold medal for the U.S. in Olympic history. 

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