Bound Boxing Academy hosts their 24th show, 8/25/17

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So, who’s counting? We are. If the Bound Boxing Academy continues at its current pace with their popular “Friday Night Fights” format, it will soon approach the upper reaches of successful shows with the likes of Epic Fighting #35 and Super Bowl 51. Friday’s show hosted by Juan Medina Jr.’s gym was the sixth thus far in 2017. The boxing hopefuls who competed came from 12 gyms, 10 from the U.S. and two from Mexico.

Bout #1 featured the ladies, 26-year-old Agnsa Kirakosian (114 lbs.) from the ABC Mongoose Gym in San Diego going up against 19-year-old Leyvi Castellon (114 lbs.) from the Jackie Nava Boxing Club, Tijuana, B. C., Mexico. Kirakosian, benefitting from the age difference and solid 3.5 years of training, proved to be too much for the younger Castellon who at times gave a good account of herself.

At the conclusion of their bout, the two boxers posed for photos and of course, Kirakosian’s proud coach wanted a photo with his future champion.

In Bout #2, they had 17-year-old Leo Cruz (145 lbs.) from Backyard Boxing, Oceanside, Calif. taking on 15-year-old Giovanni Juarez (152 lbs.) from the San Diego Athletic Academy.

After Giovanni Juarez was issued three standing 8-counts, referee Andrew Moreno deemed it necessary to call a halt to the match and issue an RSB, “referee stops the bout.” Moments later, Leo Cruz received his winner’s belt.

After being checked out by the fight doctor, the two combatants in Bout #2, (l to r) Giovanni Juarez and the victorious Leo Cruz posed for one last photo.

In Bout #3, it was 11-year-old Danny Hernandez (81 lbs.) from the San Diego Athletic Academy of San Diego taking on 12-year-old Alejandro Bastidas (80 lbs.) from the host gym, the Bound Boxing Academy. 

In this one, both boxers went non-stop delivering punches that reminded you of machine gun fire. The only way the judges could determine a winner was to focus on the most telling blows, those that had an opponent’s head snapping back. Since that happened twice to Alejandro Bastidas (l), you could see why the five judges would declare Danny Hernandez (r) their winner.

In Bout #4, they had 11-year-old Sammy Vences (97 lbs.) from Backyard Boxing, Oceanside, Calif. taking on 11-year-old Antonio Padilla (94 lbs) from the Vista Boxing Club, Vista, Calif. 

On Friday, Vences (l) was the top dog and rarely if ever missed his target.

In Bout #5, it was 28-year-old Earl Henry (163 lbs.) from the ABC Mongoose Gym, San Diego taking on 24-year-old James Parks (170 lbs.) from the Alliance Training Center. 

The taller Mr. Henry tried to take advantage of his edge in height and reach but there was James Parks, as they say, in his grill, working over Henry’s midsection. Parks was successful when he smothered the free-swinging Henry.

At the conclusion of Bout #5, we see referee Andrew Moreno raising the arm of the victorious James Parks of the Alliance Training Center in San Diego.

Bout #6 featured 9-year-old, Cayson Aquino (54 lbs.) from the Alliance Training Center, Downtown San Diego, going up against 8-year-old Madden Huerta (57 lbs.) from the United Boxing & Fitness Gym in Chula Vista. Photos: J. Wyatt

Keeping close tabs on the punches thrown and landed in Bout #6, it was clear Madden Huerta (white trunks) held the edge in Rounds one and two, and then by round three Cayson Aquino (red trunks) had found his stride. Still, it ended up two rounds to one which gave Herta his victory.

Being a good sport, Cayson Aquino (r) accepted the scores and wished his opponent Madden Huerta (l) all the best after gaining the victory.

Bout#7 featured 15-year-old Carlos Garcia (145 lbs., red gloves) from the Jackie Nava Boxing Gym of Tijuana, taking on 16-year-old Reymond Ramos (145 lbs., blue gloves) from the host gym, the Bound Boxing Academy. To describe the intensity of this bout is near impossible. It reminded this old salt of the movie, “Somebody up there likes me” starring Paul Newman who played the 28-year-old Rocky Graziano in a struggle to become the Middleweight Champion of the world in 1947. In the majority of the scenes, you see two guys blasting away at each other. That’s the way Rocky Graziano fought and that’s the way these two gents fought. With the confrontation being so wild and wooly, the members of the medical team were on the edge of their seats, totally focused on every punch, plus referee Andrew Moreno was quick to call each 8-count and there were several. After walloping each other for three solid rounds, it was determined that Carlos Garcia had won.

Here we see one of the two standing 8-counts being issued to the brawler Reymond Ramos by referee Andrew Moreno in a contest that featured a lot of well leveraged, full swing punching power.

At the conclusion of Bout #7, referee Andrew Moreno (c) raises the arm of the victorious Carlos Garcia (r) from the Jackie Nava Boxing Gym of Tijuana.

Bout #8 had 14-year-old Paola Cardona (110 lbs.) from the Jackie Nava Gym, Tijuana taking on 14-year-old southpaw Ambur Zajac (106 lbs.) from United Boxing & Fitness, Chula Vista, Calif. who was making her Amateur debut.

With both young ladies peppering each other with punches, it was the way Ambur Zajac sat down on her punches, used movement and better footwork to avoid any payback.

In the end, we see referee Andrew Moreno raising the arm of the victorious Ambur Zajac (l) who outperformed her game opponent Paola Cardona (r).

Owner/Boxing Coach Marcel Acevedo from the United Boxing & Fitness Gym in Chula Vista was quite proud of his charges who did so well and won quite easily.

In Bout #9, they had 15-year-old Juan Padilla (126 lbs.) from Mariscal Boxing, Tijuana, B. C., Mexico taking on 15-year-old Jabin Chollet (127 lbs.) from the Bomber Squad Academy, El Cajon, Calif., two more seasoned boxers who put on quite a show. In the end, it was Padilla coming away with the close victory.

(photo, below) Despite the rocky start, it was Juan Padilla from Mariscal Boxing, Tijuana, B. C., Mexico earning the win over Jabin Chollet from the Bomber Squad Academy, El Cajon, Calif.

Juan Padilla (r) has his arm raised in victory by referee Andrew Moreno.

In Bout #10, it was 21-year-old Dilan Miranda (127 lbs.) from the Bound Boxing Academy taking on 18-year-old Brandon Ruiz (124 lbs.) from the Mariscal Boxing Club of Tijuana. 

It wasn’t easy but Brandon Ruiz (blue trunks), who now has 53 victories, came away with the unanimous decision victory over Dilan Miranda (red trunks). 

In Bout #11, they had 17-year-old Jorge Chavez (124 lbs.) from the National City CYAC Gym taking on 16-year-old Jose Chollet (131 lbs.) from the Bombers Squad Academy of El Cajon, Calif. Just like his brother Jabin, Jose Chollet (blue trunks) went toe to toe with his more accomplished opponent Jorge Chavez. 

In the final bout of the show, it was Jorge Chavez (red trunks) winning the close decision over Jose Chollet (blue trunks).

And as always, you couldn’t possibly have such a wonderful show without the help of these unsung heroes who perform the duties of a top-notch medical team. (l to r) Medical Physician Assistant Kerry Hometoff, Dr. Quetzalsol Chacon-Lopez MD, MPH and Dr. Maria de Lourdes Sturchler.

The next LBC 44 USA Amateur Boxing Show will be held this coming Saturday, September 2nd at the Alliance Training Center at 1695 Main Street in Downtown San Diego, 92113, just a few blocks south of Petco Park where the San Diego Padres Baseball Team plays. For more information and pre-matches contact: Ulises Zumaya at (619) 501-0338 or 313-3894 or you can reach him by email at:

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