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On Friday evening, the Pechanga Resort and Casino, Temecula, Calif. will be hosting the Mayweather Promotion Group in association with Showtime Boxing, while just across the border in Tijuana, the Salon Mezzanine will have the Borizteca Boxing Management Group back for their umpteenth show. As far as entertainment value, having your show on the same night as another boxing show is surely going to draw comparisons. Like, who had the most competitive matches? How dazzling were the ring card gals? The video highlights should answer most questions. Or perhaps we’ll get those questions answered by the blow by blow comments from the ringside reporters. How else will they improve if we don’t critique their work?


Thursday, February 23, 2017’s weigh-in results from Pechanga:

Super welterweight, 5’10” southpaw, 26-year-old Christopher Pearson from Trotwood, Ohio (14-1, 152.8 lbs.) vs 23-year-old, 6’1″ Justin “The Chosen One” DeLoach (16-1, 151.8 lbs.) from Augusta, Georgia appears to be a great match-up. However, the Pearson loss to 33-year-old Eric Walker should draw a red flag. CompuBox Statistics of power punches landed and thrown: Walker 308 of 623, Pearson just 125 of 236.

During their face-off, Justin DeLoach (r) kept giving his opponent Christopher Pearson the oddest looks. When Pearson first noticed his crazed, sometimes playful look, you just knew he was annoyed and thinking to himself, ‘Me thinks this gentleman needs an attitude adjustment.’

The 23-year-old, 5’8″ Saul “Kid Dinamita” Rodriguez (20-0-1, 15 KOs, 133.8 lbs.) from Riverside, Calif. will be facing his toughest opponent to date when he meets 29-year-old, 5’5″ Oscar Bravo (22-6, 10 KOs, 132.8 lbs.) a nine-year veteran from Santiago de Chile, Chile. After losing all three of his matches in 2014, Bravo took a sabbatical from the sport and returned in January of 2016. He then took the rest of 2016 off, so this will be his first fight back after taking the second sabbatical from boxing, one that lasted a year and 40 days.

Saul Rodriguez (l) must take advantage of his height and reach versus the shorter Oscar Bravo (r).

Ranked #3 in the U. S., the 27-year-old Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti (13-0, 11 KOs, 6’1″ tall, 196.2 lbs.) from the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas will be challenged by the 34-year-old Quantis Graves (11-0-2, 198.8 lbs.) from Beaumont, Texas. After checking over the quality of past opponents, it appears the sharpshooter Tabiti should win easily.

No doubt there will be fireworks in this match.

As you can see from this UTube video Tabiti is special and you can easily see that in his mitt work with Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Lionell Thompson 177.6 lbs. vs Steve Lovett (weight not available)

The 27-year-old Sanjarbek Rakhmanov (6-0-1, 146.4 lbs.) from Las Vegas by way of Andijan, Uzbekistan will be going up against 25-year-old Jose Marrufo (10-5-2, 141.6 lbs.) from Phoenix, Arizona by way of Aqua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. After discovering that Marrufo has had all those fights, this one should go in the toss-up column.

Sanjarbek Rakhmanov (l) from Las Vegas by way of Andijan, Uzbekistan will be facing Jose Marrufo (r) from Phoenix, Arizona.

The 23-year-old Cameron Kreal (9-12-2, 1 KO) 5’9″ tall, 147 lbs. from Las Vegas will be taking on 24-year-old Todd Manuel (12-12-1, 146.6 lbs.) from Rayne, Louisiana. It’s tough to tell which boxer is better since both have fought such an incredibly difficult schedule.

(top, l to r) Todd Manuel and Cameron Kreal. 

The 22-year-old, 155 lb. Oluwafemi Oyeleye, a middleweight from Los Angeles by way of Nigeria is taking on Adan Ahumada (0-1), the very same 155 lbs. First impression, the taller Oyeleye from a more difficult background looks to be the leaner, hungrier fighter.

Make no mistake about it, in the Oluvafemi Oyeleye (1-0) bout versus Adan Ahumada (0-1), Ahumada is in excellent shape but Oyeleye looks to be leaner and meaner, the hungrier fighter.

(right) 6’2″ tall Steve Lovett (15-1, 12 KOs) from New South Wales, Australia will be challenged by Lionell Thompson 17-4, 10 KOs from Buffalo, New York.

Promoter: Mayweather Promotions
Venue: Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, California
TV: Showtime

Attending Thursday’s weigh-ins in Temecula were Lou Messina of the Borizteca Boxing Management Group and veteran trainer/boxer Chuck Wissmiller from San Diego by way of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Early on in his career, Wissmiller helped train both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sr. Soon after the weigh-ins, boxing journalist Elie Seckbach interviewed both Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Wissmiller.

(l to r) Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Chuck Wissmiller answering questions from well-known sports journalist Elie Seckbach who is holding the camera.

(l to r) Boxing promoter Lou Messina, former boxer now trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. and former boxer/trainer Chuck Wissmiller.

To say the least, Floyd Mayweather Sr. is quite popular with the ladies. One by one and then in bunches they kept coming up to him asking to have their photo taken with him. All photos: Jim Wyatt

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