Preview of the Intensity MMA & Fitness IKF/PKB 5 Show

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At Saturday's show you won't see much sparring.

At Saturday’s show you won’t see much sparring. In Saturday’s contests the combatants will be trying to loosen a body part or take someone’s head off. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016, starting at 2 p.m., it appears Robert Aldama and Joni Alba will be at it again hosting another big, really big, Muay Thai show at their facility at 3127 Beyer Boulevard in South San Diego. How big? All told, they have 29 Muay Thai bouts with fighters coming from 17 separate gyms plus one fighter unattached. Their shows keep getting bigger and bigger.


With the weigh-ins starting at 9 a.m. until 12 noon, the rules discussion meeting beginning promptly at 1:00 p.m.
and the first bout beginning at 2:00 p.m., this show is going to be like one of those Rockin’ Roll Marathons.

Saturday's most coveted, handsome trophy.

Saturday’s most coveted, and handsome trophy.

The line-up as of Thursday evening, March 24, includes:

1. Henry Esquivias vs Damian Toscano
    Intensity MMA & Fitness vs Victory MMA

2. Sky Mahalley vs Tiffany Ignacio
    H.O.D. vs Intensity MMA

3. Evan Dion vs Carl Rodriguez
    Carlsbad Kickboxing vs Reyes Gym

4. Osmar Hernandez vs Ian Aguilar
    Intensity MMA vs Alliance BJJ Eastlake

5. Christopher Quinones vs Benji Richard
    H.O.D. vs Alliance BJJ Eastlake

6. Andres Milton vs Miguel Soria
    H.O.D. vs Alliance BJJ Eastlake

7. Anthony Milton vs Yahir Torres
    H.O.D. vs Alliance BJJ Eastlake

8. Adelle Frey vs Solemar Armenta
    Victory MMA vs H.O.D.

9. Dorian Parker vs Victor Aguilar
    Extreme Power vs Intensity MMA

10. David Madrid vs Jayquan Eckford
      Victory Muay Thai vs Alliance BJJ Eastlake

11. Lexus Toscano vs Jenna Anderson
      Victory MMA vs Alliance BJJ Eastlake

12. Julio Diaz vs Anthony Sanyo
      Victory Muay Thai vs. Victory MMA

13. Mattie Brooks vs Pablo Toscano
Alliance BJJ East Lake vs Victory MMA

14. John Smith vs Albert Zaloga
      Alliance BJJ East Lake vs UFC Gym Parusa

15. Ashton Parsons vs Ryan Cook
      Faction MMA vs. Intensity MMA

16. Jaime Canela vs Miguel Sicaires
       Aldama’s MT vs UFC Gym Parusa

17. Robert Shockley vs Mokhles Saloma
      Alliance Eastlake vs UFC Gym Spring Valley

18. Emmanuel Alcaraz vs Mark Fallen
      Intensity MMA vs Ramona MMA

19. Kenny Gregan vs Elvis Rubio
      Ramona MMA vs Victory MMA

20. Rodrigo Delgado vs Isaiah Bennet
      Alliance BJJ Eastlake vs UFC Gym Parusa

21. Anthony Martinez vs Aziz Yusif
     Independent vs Alliance Eastlake

22. Ryan Conroy vs Niel Doggan
      UFC Gym Parusa vs UFC Gym Spring Valley

23. Stephen Seven vs Derrick
      Undisputed Downtown vs UFC Gym Spring Valley

24. A.J. Signorelli vs Ruben Saldivar
      Victory MMA vs Ramona MMA

25. Kim Zenovic vs Delphine Le Gall
      Ramona MMA vs. Prime Muay Thai

26. Mark Bottigliery vs Nate Sprenger
      King Tiger vs Faction MMA

27. Jacob Ogle vs Erick Benjamin
      Prime Muay Thai vs Undisputed Downtown

28. David Molina vs Jose Flores
      King Tiger Muay Thai vs Valor Muay Thai

29. Mark Valor vs Allen Newsome
      Valor Muay Thai vs Faction MMA

The co-owners of Intensity MMA & Fitness (l tor ) Joni Alba, Robert Aldama pose for a photo with two of the revered coaches.

The co-owners of Intensity MMA & Fitness (l to r ) Joni Alba, Robert Aldama pose for a photo with two of the revered coaches.

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