Weigh-ins complete for Friday Night’s Boxcino 2015 Heavyweight Quarterfinals

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At today's weigh-ins, the eight  heavyweights to compete in the  osing for the media we have (l to r)

At today’s weigh-ins, the eight pro boxers who are set to compete in the opening round of the Boxcino 2015 Heavyweight single elimination tournament pose for photos with the assembled media. They are (l to r) Ed Fountain, Jason Estrada, Andrey Fedosov, Razvan Cojanu, Donovan Dennis, Lenroy Thomas, Nate Heaven and Steve Vukosa. All photos: Shane Sims/Banner Promotions

On Friday evening at the Turning Stone Resort Casino, the Boxcino 2015 tournament resumes with the four quarterfinal bouts in the Heavyweight Division plus the promoter, Banner Promotions, added an additional three bouts to the undercard. If you’re not attending the show, it will be televised live on ESPN’s Friday Night fights beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

Even after reading up on their past performances and backgrounds, once you see the boxers face-off you gain an entirely different perspective on who you believe will continue on in this tournament and who will be eliminated. In the Donovan Dennis versus Steve Vukosa matchup, you got to go with the younger, more athletic Donovan Dennis.

In the Razvan Cojanu versus Ed Fountain fight, you have to respect the fact that Cojanu has so many things going in his favor – he has the better pedigree, the better coach, the height and reach advantage, plus he’s younger and appears to be in better shape.

In the next match, the Lenroy Thomas versus Jason Estrada bout, you have to take Estrada based on his experience – even though he’s shorter and looks a bit out of shape – for the want of a better word – he’s pudgy.

In the final match, you have to respect the two-fisted punching power of Andrey Fedosov. Nate Heaven relies too strongly on that one big punch – his all or nothing overhand right. Fedosov can beat Heaven by either of two ways – being patient and outpointing Heaven or going all out with his superior inside game of working over Heaven’s midsection until his arms drop. After going 4-0 in the opening round of the jr. middleweights, this wise guy is taking Donovan Dennis, Razvan Cojanu, Jason Estrada and Andrey Fedosov in the quarterfinal round of the heavyweights.     640 Vukosa Dennis640 Cojanu vs Fountain640 Heaven Estrada640 Russian640 weigh-ins


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