Undefeated Arellano brothers featured on Tecate Boxing Card

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Oceans Promotions/Quinones Promociones will make their second visit to Tecate, Mexico on October 27, 2012. Two of the headliners on their exciting fight card are the undefeated Arellano brothers, Israel (R) and Anthony (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

The last time Oceans Promotions/Quinones Promociones were in Tecate was on Saturday evening, August 4, 2012. Tough to believe that was over 10 weeks ago. On that night, the townsfolk of this picturesque town packed the house. Like all of Mexico, Tecateans love their boxing.

That was also the night Tecate was formally introduced to the Arellano brothers, Israel (4-0) and Anthony (5-0). Before moving to live with his brother in California, Anthony lived in Tecate with his grandparents.

If we flashback to that warm August evening, the 22 year-old super lightweight Israel Arellano, at the time 3-0 with 3 KOs, was facing 23 year-old Gerardo Chavez (1-1) of Cerro Azul, a small town just outside of Tecate.

From the outset, Chavez wasted little time and was hell bent on getting an early knockout. Even though Arellano was eating punches, he was getting the best of Chavez with his counters. Eventually, Chavez’s hands began to drop and when they did, Arellano was there to finishing him off to get his fourth straight KO.

In the following bout, his older brother Anthony, 5-0-1, 2 KOs at the time, had an even tougher time against Victor “Sina” Calderas (1-1-1). Even though Calderas was taking some heavy shots to the head, he kept on coming. In the second round, Calderas caught Arellano with two highly leveraged punches, that staggered Arellano. Rounds three and four were more of the same with the two boxers standing toe to toe unloading on each other. After the scores were tallied, Arellano won the close decision.

After a week off, the brothers were right back in the gym to hone their craft with their coach and manager, Lou Messina busy lining up their sparring partners. Whereas Israel has become this feared knockout artist and brawler, Messina would like to see him become a more defensive boxer. With his brother, Anthony, it’s almost the exact opposite as he wants Anthony to use his leverage better and sit down on his punches. Come Saturday, October 27th, will see how much they’ve improved.

The Arellano brothers are part of the great lineup on this Carlos Carlson led, 11 bout boxing card dubbed, “Night of the Undefeated.” Below, we have a copy of the fight poster plus the most up to date bout sheet.

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