Surprise, surprise, the Diaz vs Condit rematch is in the works

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Saturday, February 4, 2012, Nick Diaz is shown circling the octagon while waiting for his opponent, Carlos Condit, to show his face. Over to the right, just outside the cage, you can see Dana White, the Ultimate Fighting Championships promoter.

After UFC 143 on Saturday, it appeared the sullen Nick Diaz was through with the UFC and MMA fighting. His five round battle for the UFC Interim Welterweight title with Carlos Condit winning was so upsetting, he couldn’t stomach being wronged again. He and his followers called the unanimous decision a rip-off, a sham. Without a head, arm or leg being ripped from his body, how could you say our hero lost. In his mind, a win by decision is always going to be controversial.

Diaz, along with his many fans, fellow fighters, and media backers were contemplating the organizing of a million man march on Washington D. C., and if necessary to the steps of the White House.

At Saturday night’s post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White did say he was open to the possibility of a rematch. But then he had to go and muddy the waters by making it conditional. Both parties had to be eager to fight. Hmnn? Sounds like some sort of a cop out, what do you think?

At that time, Condit’s people indicated they were not interested in a rematch and therefore there was little hope a rematch being made. Today, sources close to the deal contacted “the MMA Underground” to let them know Condit has accepted a rematch with Diaz with the UFC Interim Welterweight title on the line.

Once Diaz’s people heard the news, the corks on the champagne bottles started to pop.

With the former champion, George St. Pierre still recovering from his ACL injury, you knew this was going to be the case. Stop looking so surprised.

My favorite Nick Diaz quote: “I will break gsp’s foot off and use it as a hood ornament for my shit honda.”  “gsp” of course stands for George St. Pierre who’s already having knee problems and now to end up foot-less, that’s harsh.

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