Results from Victory Outreach Church’s USA Amateur Boxing Show Part 1

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To open Saturday's boxing show, recording artist Shana Brown (center of the ring) begins her rendition of the National Anthem. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Week after week the Southern California boxing clubs and gyms have been raising the bar in the presentation of their USA Amateur Boxing shows. Saturday, Junebug Mendivil, who runs the boxing program at the Victory Boxing Academy of San Diego, along with an accomplish staff from the Victory Outreach Church raised that bar another notch. Back on May 1, 2011, Mendivil’s group decided to all out to stage Road to Victory II, their second annual USA Amateur Boxing Show.


The components of their successful show:

The all important arrangements with the Church, the USA Amateur Boxing officials, advertising, the matchmaking of boxers, some of whom were coming from out of town and out of state, the installation of the ring, the major redecorating to suit the new seating arrangements, the music and sound requirements and the use of decorative lighting to display their boxing theme on the walls.

A top notch master of ceremonies was needed to take over the festivities after an opening invocation by the Pastor. Someone mentioned TV’s Sonny Franco. He’s an excellent choice but perhaps out of our league said Mendivil. After all, he is one of the best. After someone checked his resume, it was all there. Franco had been the ring announcer for Richard Steele Promotions on HDNet, Thompson Boxing Promotions on Fox Sports, Goossen Tutor Promotions on ESPN and HBO, Gary Shaw Productions on Showtime and Top Rank Promotions on HBO.

No matter, they decided to give him a try. Bingo, Franco was available and more than willing to help. Their big time celebrity master of ceremonies was just the first of many hurdles.

Someone then suggested inviting some star power. Oscar De La Hoya and Victor Ortiz might be willing to come or maybe Fernando “El Feroz” Vargas the three time light-middleweight world champion. What a coupe that would be. After Vargas was contacted, his wife got involved and offered to bring along Frankie J., the R&B recording artist who is best known for his hit singles Obsession, That Girl and Suga Suga.

They also needed someone to sing the National Anthem, someone with the voice of an angel and the name of Shana Brown came up. She’s also a recording artist and had volunteered her services before.

Some people are just blessed and that’s the way Mendivil felt after so many fortunate circumstances fell into place.

Now for the results of the show:

Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Idris "Prince Tiger" Smalls (R) Bout #1's winner and his opponent Bruce Ntwari (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #1 featured 19 year-old Idris “Prince Tiger” Smalls of the San Diego Combat Academy going up against 24 year-old Bruce Ntwari who just recently joined the USIAA Boxing Team, (United States Institute of Amateur Athletes).


This was one of those bouts between two guys that like to wait and counter off the other boxer’s mistakes. Both were able to slip punches and avoid the major blows. With Smalls landing the majority of the punches each round, this was a no-brainer for the judges. All three gave the nod to Smalls.

Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Carlos Remigio (R) the winner of Bout #2 and his opponent Eddie Martinez (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #2 featured 16 year-old Eddie Martinez of the San Bernardino Adrenaline Combat Sports and Fitness going up against 14 year-old Carlos Remigio of the Boxing Club who was seven pounds heavier.


Martinez showed tremendous courage as he kept walking into punches especially when getting clobbered repeatedly by Remigio’s right hand. The non stop, entertaining bout went the full three rounds with the verdict never in doubt.   


Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Israel Caballero (R) the winner of Bout #3 and his opponent Teodoro Alonso (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #3 featured 12 year-olds Teodoro Alonso of San Bernardino Adrenaline going up against Israel Caballero of the Gladiator School of Martial Arts & Boxing in Spring Valley. Caballero controlled this one throughout and registered an eight count in the very first round. Alonso gave it his best shot in the final round, but as they say it was too little, too late.







Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Carlos Velasquez (R) the winner of Bout #4 and his opponent Charles Sanchez (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #4 featured 11 year-old Charles Sanchez of San Bernardino Adrenaline Combat Sports and Fitness going up against 12 year-old Carlos Velasquez of South Mountain Boxing in Arizona.

Round one was one of those back and forth, topsy turvy rounds with Sanchez controlling things at the outset and then Velasquez closed out the round. Velasquez took round #2 by the slimmest of margins. Then as he did in the first two rounds Velasquez continued to dominate by having his opponent box while backing up. Velasquez’s more powerful blows and ring generalship gave him the victory.

Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Jose Chollet (R) the winner of Bout #5 and his opponent George Gallard (L). Standing behind Chollet is USA referee Will White. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #5 featured 10 year-old Jose Chollet of Barrio Station going up against 11 year-old George Gallard of San Bernardino Adrenaline Combat Sports and Fitness.

This was one of those rare instances where the little guy, the more accomplished little guy, got to beat up the bigger guy, who was a year older and five pounds heavier. Chollet capitalized with his straight rights and left hooks that were right on the mark. Despite being the more active boxer, Chollet also demonstrated that he was in much better condition to go the distance.



Boxing great Fernando Vargas (Rear) congratulates both Jabin Chollet (R) the winner of Bout #6 and his opponent Brian Velasquez (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #6 featured 10 year-old Brian Velasquez of South Mountain going up against 9 year-old Jabin Chollet of Barrio Station, Jose’s younger brother. Round #1 featured a lot of back and forth action with Chollet gaining the upper hand late in the round. Round #2 was too close to call. In Round #3, the deciding round, Chollet proved he wanted it more by being the busier of the two. Once again, the Chollet brothers come through, even though they were boxing opponents that were a year older.









Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Carlos Geraldo (R) the winner of Bout #7 and his opponent Johnny Quiroz (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #7 featured 17 year-old Johnny Quiroz of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista going up against 16 year-old Carlos Geraldo of the National City Community Youth Athletic Center. This was their third and final match. Quiroz won the first match and then Geraldo won the second one.

Geraldo not only won this bout, but he was later selected the “Best Boxer” of the show.

Boxing great Fernando Vargas poses for a photo with the National City CYAC boxing team at the Victory Outreach Church's boxing show on August 20, 2011. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Before returning home to Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the CYAC coaches Jessie Tanner assembled his team of boxers for this opportune photo with the boxing legend Fernando Vargas.

Before leaving, boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates the winner of Bout #8, Jesus Reyes (with the winning belt) and his opponent Christopher Bautista (R). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #8 featured 13 year-old Christopher Bautista of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista going up against the revenge minded Jesus Reyes of the Undisputed Fitness and Training Center in downtown San Diego. On August 6, the two met for a heated battle at the Undisputed Downtown gym. A bout which Bautista won on points.

In this one, Reyes had more pep than his opponent and Bautista seemed to slow down by the end of the second round. I’m certain the future tie breaker will have everyone’s interest.  




Boxing great Fernando Vargas (C) congratulates both Genero Gamez (L) the winner of Bout #9 and his opponent Horacio Cortez (R). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #9 featured 16 year-old Genero “El Conde” Gamez of Ocean’s Boxing Club in South San Diego and 17 year-old Horacio Cortez of FIGHTS in San Bernardino


This was your typical brawler (Cortez) going up against the more proficient boxer (Gamez). Each time Gamez ducked under or slipped a punch, Cortez got more passionate, more frustrated. After a while he was just swinging for the fences.

In Round #2 after a quick three punch combination by Gamez, the referee stopped the action to issue Cortez an eight count. In the final round, after it got personal the tempers flared. After all was said and done, Cortez, being a good sport, showed his high regard for Gamez’s skills and congratulated him.


(Victory Outreach Boxing Show results Part II to follow) 


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