Results of USA Amateur Boxing Show at Pacific Coast

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Here we see Carlos Geraldo of the National City CYAC getting set to unload another big overhand right against Saturday's opponent Abdullah Nematjanov of Old School Boxing. Photo: Jim Wyatt.


April 7, 2010, news flash: At about 9:00 p.m. this evening, an unknown assailant entered the Pacific Coast Boxing gym in Vista with a firearm and fired seven shots. The suspect fled the scene. As a result of the shooting three subjects sustained gunshot wounds. One victim expired on scene. The others were transported to Palomar Hospital for treatment. The identities of the victims are being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Saturday, April 9, 2011, Pacific Coast Boxing of Vista, CA hosted the latest USA Amateur Boxing Show, with an outstanding boxing card. As in the past, the local boxing fans turned out in big numbers to pack the venue and show their support.


For me, the road trip revived eery memories of what took place a year ago. When making my turn onto North Santa Fe Ave., there were the same stores as well as the same Carnival on my left which had returned for their yearly visit. On North Santa Fe, the shoppers at area shops made it appear the businesses were more robust than a year ago and on the opposite corner of the Pacific Coast Boxing gym, the Arco Gas Station which had been vacant a year ago, was now open and doing a booming business. Apparently, the townspeople have weathered that April 7, 2010 tragedy when a cowardly intruder fired his weapon at the unsuspecting athletes and coaches in the local gym.

Since that matter is still unresolved (the trial begins this week), I’ll only say this: I give much credit to the survivors of that tragedy which include the family of Hector Gil, those wounded physically and mentally plus the gym’s management and volunteers who have been able to cope with such a loss and move on with their lives.

Referee Rick Ley (c) raises Robert Garcia’s arm (l) to proclaim his victory over Andrew Shibata (r) in Bout #1 of Saturday's USA Amateur Boxing show held at the Pacific Coast Boxing Gym in Vista, CA on April 9, 2011. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Featured in Bout #1 was Robert Garcia of the ABC Mongoose Gym in San Diego, going up against Andrew Shibata of Cal State Northridge. This classic battle featured two way action with Garcia constantly on the attack and scoring well with short right crosses and powerful left hooks. Shibata was soon behind on all scorecards and resulted to swinging for the fences. Both boxers proved they can take one heck of a punch.








Referee Rick Ley (c) raises Carlos Adams’ arm (l) to proclaim his victory over Robert Morales (r) in Bout #2 of Saturday's USA Amateur Boxing show held in Vista. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #2 featured Carlos Adams of the Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista going up against Robert Morales of Arlanza Boxing of Riverside, CA. The more experienced Adams, who in the past has looked more polished and knocked people out, had a difficult time with Morales. He lacked head movement, lunged forward off-balance and got tagged more often than usual. Still, his head hunting performance was good enough to get the win.

I discovered later why he was so ill-prepared. The following morning at 6 a.m., he was scheduled to leave for Guadalajarra, Jalisco, Mexico to visit his grandparents and only found out about the boxing show on Friday. He hadn’t planned to compete, hadn’t been running and was at least ten pounds overweight. If you watched his footwork, or lack of footwork, it was easy to see he wasn’t ready for Saturday’s contest. If he ever decides to turn professional, being unprepared is not an option.



Referee Dana Kaplan (c) raises the arm of the winner, Diego McFadyen (l) and his opponent in Bout #3, Christopher Booker. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #3 featured Diego McFadyen of Rhino Boxing facing Christopher Booker of the host gym, Pacific Coast Boxing. Even though Booker was taller (a full head taller), McFadyen’s strategy involved bull rushing his opponent and then simply outworking him to get the win. If Booker threw three punches, McFadyen landed six. In the end, both had fought to the point of complete exhaustion.







Referee Dana Kaplan (c) raises Gabriel Hernandez's arm (r) to proclaim his victory over George Marbuecho (l) in Bout #4 of Saturday's USA Amateur Boxing show in Vista. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #4 featured two bangers, George Marbuecho of Arlanza in Riverside and Gabriel Hernandez of the Undisputed Fitness and Training Center in El Cajon, CA. Round one went back and forth with Marbuecho on top after catching Hernandez with two solid right hands. Then in the closing minute, Gabriel stole the show by landing multiple two and three punch combinations that had the spectators cheering.

There was no drop off in Round #2, as Hernandez came out with even more confidence. Then suddenly, Marbuecho threw a punch that landed awkwardly resulting in an injury, a hyper-extended wrist. After the ringside doctor was consulted, the bout was called giving Hernandez his first RSD or as they say in the pro-ranks a TKO.

Referee Rick Ley (c) awaits the announcement to proclaim the winner of Bout #5 between Antonio Moreno (l), the eventual winner, and his opponent Robert Meza (r) at Saturday's USA Amateur Boxing show in Vista. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #5 featured two of the more experienced boxers, Antonio Moreno of the National City CYAC going up against Robert Meza of Team Temecula. As in past bouts, Moreno tucked his chin in, got smaller and became a more elusive target for Cruz who’s more of a stand-up, in-your-face heavy puncher.

This non-stop battle was one of those bouts that had to be decided by the judges’ clicker count, which gave the nod to the more accurate puncher Moreno.




Referee Rick Ley (c) awaits the judges decision before raising the arm of Eric Cruz (r) the winner of Bout #6 over Antonio Gillen (l). Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #6 was another hotly contested bout featuring Antonio Gillen of the Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista and Eric Cruz of Rhino Boxing. Only last Saturday, Gillen competed in the Escondido show, making his return to the ring after being away from boxing for a full year.

Since Gillen plans to turn pro by the end of the year, he thought he’d benefit from Saturday’s match and try some different techniques. Having Cruz as an opponent ended up being a wake-up call for Gillen. Cruz never runs out of petrol. After the first two hotly contested rounds, Cruz took over in the third just when Gillen showed signs of tiring.


Referee Dana Kaplan (c) awaits the judges’ decision before raising the arm of either Eric Puente (l), the eventual winner of Bout #7, or his opponent, Reymond Ramos (r). Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #7 featured machine gun like firepower from both Eric Puente of Pacific Coast Boxing and Reymond Ramos of Undisputed Fitness and Training Center in Downtown. Most of the ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd favored Puente who appeared to be landing the cleaner shots to the head. A big left hook in the second round sent the decibel needle all the way up.








Andrew Angelcor (r) and his opponent in Bout #8, Abraham Estrada (l) competed in one of the most hotly contested bouts ever. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #8 featured heavy hitters, 20 year-old Andrew Angelcor of Barstow, CA. going up against Abraham Estrada of Escondido. Estrada also competed last Saturday at that Escondido show.

Then I got to figuring. If I’m Angelcor and traveling by car from Barstow, CA, which is a good two hours away, that means the boxer and his coach had to get up pretty darn early to insure they’d be here in time for their 9 a.m. weigh-in.

Now to the fisticuffs. Round #1 was hotly contested as both boxers were swinging for the fences. Angelcor won the round by countering beautifully off each Estrada miss. Then we saw Angelcor switch almost effortlessly from righty to lefty. Even for a regular observer, it became difficult to decipher whether he was a natural southpaw or orthodox. In the end, all three judges gave Angelcor the nod.


Referee Rick Ley (c) awaits the judges’ decision before raising the arm of either Bryan Pinzon (r), the eventual winner of Bout #9, or his opponent, Adrian Hernandez (l). Photo: Jim Wyatt














Bout #9 featured Adrian Hernandez of the Compound in Oceanside, CA. going up against Bryan Pinzon of Escondido. In this one, Hernandez kept getting hit by too many left hands and Pinzon appeared to be getting better and better as the bout went on at slipping punches. By the third round, Pinzon was still fresh while his opponent began to tire.










Deemed "Match of the Day" the bout between Nick Carrico (r) and Amador Ramirez (l) will be long remembered. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #10 featured Amador Ramirez of Oceans Boxing Club, who had to benefit from the larger than usual support group of family and friends that were present to cheer him on as he took on the always tough Nick Carrico of Old School Boxing in San Diego. This battle royale turned out to be the match of the day. Since the taller sharpshooter (Ramirez) kept landing the heavier and cleaner blows, Carrico spent the majority of his tme backing up. Carrico, who just wouldn’t wilt, did most of his work in close to the midsection and occasionally landing an uppercut. The final round ended as if it were a world title fight.






Referee Rick Ley (c) raises Carlos Geraldo’s arm (r) to proclaim his victory over Abdullah Nematjanov (l) in Bout #11 of Saturday's USA Amateur Boxing show held in Vista. Photo: Jim Wyatt







Bout #11 featured Carlos Geraldo of the National City CYAC going up against Abdullah Nematjanov of Old School Boxing. In terms of skill level, this was a mismatch. Geraldo, who at first wanted to stay in close and work over Nematjanov’s midsection, soon discovered he could do almost anything he wanted which included a head-snapping over hand right. The three punch combinations that led to two standing eight counts made the judges’ decision easy.


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