Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s family troubles continue

September 27, 2010 No Comments

The Associated Press reported that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is keeping a low profile in Las Vegas now that prosecutors have slapped four felony charges on the fighter after his alleged domestic dispute with Josie Harris, his longtime on-and-off girlfriend and mother of two of his children.

According to the police report, Harris called the police after Mayweather allegedly stole her iPhone. Then, Mayweather returned a few hours later and allegedly assaulted her while she was sleeping and threatened to kill her. His anger stemmed from learning that Harris was seeing Chicago Bulls guard C.J. Watson.

The police have testimony from the 10-year-old son of Mayweather and Harris, who said in the report that both of their children witnessed the incident, and she filed a protection order in family court the same day the altercation was alleged.

Mayweather also faces a misdemeanor domestic battery and three harassment charges, and is scheduled to appear in court November 9 for his preliminary hearing and faces up to 34 years if convicted on all counts.

Mayweather’s adviser, Leonard Ellerbe, declined comment, and his attorney, Richard Wright, was unavailable for comment, but each has said Mayweather is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Carlos Blumberg, a Las Vegas criminal lawyer not affiliated with Mayweather, says Wright is a “top-shelf attorney.” He also said Mayweather’s charges are excessive.

“In my opinion, he’s been overly charged with these eight counts, (including) two felony charges for domestic violence,” Blumberg said. “A lot of times prosecutors use this as leverage in negotiations. So if they overcharge, then he can plead to just a handful of misdemeanor charges. If they charge him with just one or two misdemeanors, they have no leverage.”

Blumberg stated the charges are serious. “Of course. He’s looking at 30 years in jail. He’s going to have his preliminary hearing. They’ll have to see the credibility of the witnesses involved and determine if those crimes did, in fact, take place.”

In 2003, Harris claimed Mayweather had beaten her, and the boxer faced felony battery charges. Harris retracted her testimony in court and charges were dropped. That, Blumberg says, will affect her credibility with a jury.

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