USA Amateur boxing show results from Saturday, August 28th

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At the USA Amateur Boxing Show of August 28, 2010 at the USIAA facility in San Diego, Shawn Woolery (left) had his arm raised in victory by referee Will White after defeating Jeff Railey. Photo credit: Jim Wyatt

Saturday, the USA Amateur boxing show at the United States Institute of Amateur Athletics facility in Skyline Hills, a San Diego neighborhood, was limited to just one match. It was in the grouping known as the Masters’ class, for boxers over the age of 35.

Representing Old School Boxing of San Diego was 37 year-old Shawn Woolery, a 170 pound light-heavyweight, no relation to Chuck Woolery of Wheel of Fortune and The Dating Game. His opponent was 37 year-old Jeff “the Rattlesnake” Railey, a 163 pound super-middleweight representing USIAA, the host gym. Both boxers were making their debut and had been training for just about the same time, a year and a half.

From the outset Woolery was the busier andmore accurate puncher. Railey was less disciplined, held often and the majority of his punches missed their mark. Woolery’s corner liked the way he peppered Railey’s midsection throughout round one and asked him to continue the strategy in round two. He did and easily won round two.

Sitting on his stool after round two, Woolery gasped for air. Looking across the ring, Railey stood and looked much fresher. Instead of coasting in the third and final round, Woolery pulled it together to match Railey’s intensity as the two men traded blows in the center of the ring. With both tanks running on empty, they became headhunters right up until the final bell.

In one of the many heated exchanges, Jeff Railey (right) and Shawn Woolery (left) landed blows at the same exact time. Photo credit: Jim Wyatt

After the referee tallied the scores, Woolery received the unanimous decision victory.

Next week’s boxing show will be held Saturday, September 4th at the Marron Boxing Camp, 11259 El Nopal, Lakeside, CA. 92040. Contacts: Noemi Marron (619) 995-5799 for general questions and Jose Madrid (760) 443-8072 for the pre-matches.

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